Mineral ION Water Spa

Treat yourself to a soothing hot spring experience with the ANESPA DX! With an abundant flow of mineralized water and a relaxing massage shower head, your bathroom can instantly turn into a calming hot spring oasis. Generates: Mineral ion water for your bath or shower.

Contains a blend of natural hot spring ingredients and minerals, giving you the feeling that you’re enjoying a pleasant hot spring and taking advantage of the mineral ion water. Relax and enjoy!

Product Specifications
Electrode plates:N/A
Plate size: (mm)N/A
Generates:Mineral ion water for your bath or shower
pH Range:Same as tap water
Wattage: (W)N/A
Total weight: (kg)2.5
Dimensions W x Diameter: (mm)130 x 346
Production rate: (l/min)2.6
Ease of Use:Very simple to install and operate
Warranty: (years)3
New features for DX model:Larger ceramic cartridge containing a greater amount of ceramic balls. New, redesigned base for a more efficient filter replacement process.